<span class="entry-title-primary">Richard Fox</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">England</span>

Dartmoor has been the biggest inspiration in my life since moving to Devon in 2005 but my landscape photography is more of a recent passion. I used to shoot wildlife when I was younger, with a couple of Pentax 35mm film cameras but that took a back seat with studies.

My love of photography has grown from my love of the outdoors, particularly as a progression from mountain biking, climbing and trail running. I have found cycling, walking and running to be a great way of exploring Dartmoor and Devon, being able to stop and look around, allowing the creative juices to flow. Apart from selling images I also give talks to camera clubs and regularly contribute to magazines and to the media.

For me, Dartmoor has endless appeal. The high moor is often quite bleak, and I find has a similar look in all seasons, except perhaps in the colour of the tundra and grasses. The lower moor, especially near me on the eastern side, has a variety of landscapes: granite tors, rolling fields and hedgerows, as well as wooded river valleys. Apart from a coastline, it has pretty much everything apart from tall peaks! The decision of where to go is often difficult as the opportunities for photography in the varying seasons seem infinite. Dartmoor has such changeable and dramatic weather, making it very unpredictable, but sometimes those gambles pay off.

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