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Anglesey is a small island off the north-west coast of Wales. From the minute you cross one of the bridges you’ll see stunning landscapes, rugged coastlines, picturesque villages and lighthouses that are just waiting to be photographed.

The Isle of Anglesey is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and has one of the most distinctive, attractive and varied landscapes in the British Isles. The coastal zone of Anglesey was designated as an AONB in 1966 and was confirmed in 1967. It was designated in order to protect the aesthetic appeal and variety of the island’s coastal landscape and habitats from inappropriate development and covers most of Anglesey’s 201 kilometre (125 mile) coastline.


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Ynys Llanddwyn is definitely one of the most visited spots and not to be missed. Its rolling dunes, large rock outcrops and mixture of historic buildings make it an ideal place for an afternoon of exploration. It provides excellent views of Snowdonia and the Llyn Peninsula. Llanddwyn is not quite an island as it remains attached to the mainland, but is accessible by foot on low tide. Another personal favourite is Penmon point lighthouse; due to the tidal range, no two visits here are ever the same. The array of foreground interest flowing out to the lighthouse gives a variety of endless compositions – I can guarantee that you won’t be leaving this location empty handed in any weather. Anglesey is a fairly small Island but to make the most of this guide I would recommend a long weekend as a minimum stay to make the most of the morning and late afternoon soft light.


The weather is generally accurate but I would advise checking the local forecasts before venturing out. There’s always the chance of coastal winds so take adequate warm and waterproof clothing with you, and walking boots are also desirable. Be sure to check the tide times and carefully plan your locations accordingly. In some areas you’re free to roam, others it’s best to stick to paths, but watch your step and stick to the recommended trails. Respect and follow National Park guidelines at all times. If you are planning to go out at night make sure you don’t venture out alone, always have a head torch and a fully charged mobile phone with you just in case. I would recommend checking out your location in daylight beforehand as you will find exposed shear cliff drops and trip hazards near some locations.

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Born and raised in the heart of Snowdonia, North Wales. I’ve been exploring the local terrain as long as I can remember. I picked up my first camera with the urge to share my experiences and to inspire others to explore. Four years later and my images have been shortlisted in numerous awards and my time lapse sequences have been broadcasted on public-service television. When you’re behind the lens the world is really what you make it, there’s simply nothing like it.