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Bratislava is one of Europe’s capitals which can be found along the fabled Danube river, with Vienna along the river to the west, and Budapest to the east. The city is an intriguing mix of historic and modern which is a rewarding visit for travellers and photographers alike. Professional travel photographer Mathew Browne presents 21 of his favourite spots in the city with over 60 images to inspire your visit.


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Bratislava is a compact city which can be easily explored on foot. As such many of the spots in this guide can be photographed in only a few days. However if time is of the essence, these are the top sights in the city for travellers and photographers, and when to visit.

The UFO Tower now offers visitors a combined ticket that allows a day and night visit. Start your day with a visit here for spectacular views across the city, and retain your ticket for your repeat visit that night.

Next, head to Bratislava Castle for some more commanding views across the city from the Crown tower, plus all that the castle’s interior has to offer. A must for history buffs.

An afternoon in the Old Town is always time well spent, with several options for a visiting photographer. My top recommendation is the Nedbalka Gallery, which is open in the afternoon and displays the best of Slovakian art as well as having interesting modern architecture that is worth photographing.

As evening closes in, head back to the UFO Tower for your second visit and watch the city’s lights twinkle at night.


Bratislava is generally a safe city and tourists and photographers normally won’t face any problems, as longs as they practice common sense, as one would in any city. Relative to other European capitals it is quiet at night, and it’s quite possible to have locations to yourself, particularly south of the river.

Bratislava is an easy trip from Vienna, just one hour by train, so it is worth considering as a day trip or an overnight visit if you are also visiting Vienna. Rainer Mirau’s excellent Snapp Guide covers this city in great detail.

Bratislava airport is served by low cost European carriers, mainly as Ryanair. Vienna airport is better connected and has buses which serve Bratislava directly.

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