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This guide to photographing Bulgaria includes some of the key sites in the country for landscape photography. It includes natural and cultural sites with attractive land formations and events. The natural sites range from seascapes to caves, sand pyramids, waterfalls, lakes, high alpine meadows and peaks. The rich culture of the country is presented along with many of its monasteries and churches, the earliest of which date from the 5th century.


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My top destinations in the country are Tevno lake in Pirin mountains and the picturesque Seven Rila lakes in Rila mountains. The dynamic weather conditions and the dramatic landscapes there present superb opportunities. If time permits, the Rhodopes and the Southern Black coast are not to be missed. The area around Kardzhali town has a number of sites such as Devil’s Bridge, the Rock Mushrooms, the bridge near Lisitsite village and the wonderful view from Monek fortress, all of which are worth a visit. From there, head east where the Madzharovo region offers dramatic volcanic rocks teaming with wildlife. The top sites on the Black sea coast are the Ships and Ahtopol lighthouse along the Southern Black sea coast and the rocky coastline by Tyulenovo on the Northern Black sea coast. Northern Bulgaria has Rusenski Lom and the caves at Devetaki and Prohodna. The diversity of this country is overwhelming despite its small size.


Travelling in the country is fairly easy and safe. The only challenge may be the cyrillic language on road signs but these are actively being replaced with bilingual signs. It’s very safe in the countryside but common sense rules should be applied. Don’t leave equipment visible on the car seats! Roads are acceptable for most parts of the country. Road tax applies when travelling outside towns. It is paid with a vignette sticker which can be purchased from most gas stations and post offices in the country. The stickers can be purchased for one week, one month or a whole year. Rented cars have these stickers put on the bottom right front window.

The Best Photo Locations In Bulgaria

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Dancho Hristov

Dancho is a wildlife and landscape photographer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is the heart and soul of Nature monitoring org; Nature Monitoring is a consultancy company established with the aim to conserve Bulgarian nature. The services of the company include: biodiversity surveys, research, training, birdwatching and wildlife tours guiding, PR companies consultation, preparation of information materials on environmental subjects.