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Although best known for the captivating university city of Cambridge, there is so much more to Cambridgeshire beyond this breathtaking seat of learning. Explore a land of lazy waterways, marshy fenland, majestic cathedrals and bustling market towns in this guide to photographing Cambridgeshire’s finest with 40 photo spots and over 120 images to inspire your visit.


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There are so many wonderful old places in Cambridgeshire that it is difficult to choose one location over another. The challenge is to try and create your own vision of what are probably very familiar landmarks. King’s College Chapel is known worldwide, but it is difficult to pass without getting the camera out. Likewise, Ely Cathedral is immediately recognisable to many, and the lure to capture it one more time is very strong.


For a county that has a reputation for being flat there is a surprising variety of photographic opportunities. The fenland landscape doesn’t offer drama, but rather peace and tranquillity, it also offers something unique; big skies. Standing in a fenland vista it is only too easy to know not only what the weather is doing, but also what it has just done, and (crucially) what it is about to do!

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Andrew Sharpe

I'm a graphic designer and photographer, living in Ely, Cambridgeshire. My passion is landscape photography, and this website is a portfolio of some of my images. I live in the watery and flat fenlands of Cambridgeshire, but my spiritual home is amongst the mountains and lakes.