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For me, a day spent trekking and taking photos in the Everest Region is about as good a day as I can hope to have. Nothing rivals the world’s highest mountain range for sheer magnificence and it doesn’t disappoint photographically. Without the need for mountaineering skills, it’s possible to get to some of the greatest viewpoints on earth at the top of trekking peaks such as Gokyo Ri and Kala Patthar, and there’s a multitude of trails and side trails to explore. Giant peaks above immense glaciers which work their way into tumbling rivers and down to forests full of colourful rhododendrons. There are photos and adventure to be had everywhere. It’s simply impossible not to be inspired in the Everest Region.


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It’s all good, but if I had to choose a favourite it’s hard to beat Gokyo Ri. It’s one of the greatest views on earth and there’s endless scope for pictures. Regardless of getting a great shot or not, just being there is one of life’s memorable moments. Be sure to take some very warm clothes so you can stay up there for a night shot too. My next choice is one of the lesser known places called ‘Nangkartsang viewpoint above Dingboche’, it’s a real gem of a spot. It’s not such a huge climb from Dingboche, it generally only takes an hour of so to get up there, but the rewarding views make it more than worth it. It’s definitely one not to miss. Lastly I’ve chosen the spot called ‘Namche Bazaar and Kongde peak’ as a favourite. Sometimes it’s the simple ones right in front of you that can get missed. You will almost certainly pass through Namche and spend a couple of nights there during your time in the Everest Region, so make sure you take the short walk up to this point as it’s a stunner of a spot, especially on a moonlit night with the village glowing below the mountains.


The book ‘Trekking in the Everest Region’ published by Trailblazer (written by Jamie McGuiness) is indispensable. I haven’t gone into much detail in this guide regarding planning and trekking equipment as you should certainly refer to a guide book before trekking in the Everest Region. This book will tell you everything you need to know. If you plan to spend time in other trekking regions, the book ’Trekking in the Nepal Himalayas’ published by Lonely Planet is very good (Bradley Mayhew). Even though mobile reception is surprisingly good in the Everest region, you should never rely on it. Make sure you have downloaded this guide before leaving Kathmandu. Be sure to have a good map of the region and a compass with you.

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About The Author

Alex Treadway

I started my career as a travel photographer in Nepal in 2007. I lived in Kathmandu for four years during which time I visited all eight countries in the Himalayan region photographing the book ‘Life in the Himalayas’. The Everest Region was my first experience trekking in Nepal and has kept me coming back for adventures in mountains more than anywhere else. The scale and magnificence of the biggest peaks in the world is a joy to photograph.