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A relatively young city-state situated on a small island at the very tip of South-East Asia, Singapore has seen massive changes in the last fifty years since independence. What was once a fledgling new nation has evolved into a bustling global trade, financial and technological metropolis that is constantly changing and redeveloping. In this guide, Jon Chiang brings you to his top vantage points to capture his favourite views of The Little Red Dot’s unique city skyline, public housing architecture, and landscapes. With 38 locations and over 120 images, this guide will reveal the city’s many hidden gems and help you with your photography itinerary.


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Being a global metropolis with an iconic skyline, most tourists would prefer to stay in or around Marina Bay, which is located to many attractions around town. Although the downtown skyline and the modern architecture are popular subjects for urban photography among visitors and locals alike, it is also recommended to explore the heartlands of Singapore, which is mainly populated by public housing estates in the densely-populated city. These freely-accessible apartments offer a different and unique view of Singapore from their common corridors, and getting to them is a breeze with the efficient transport network.


Singapore is generally an extremely safe and clean city to visit, with world-class amenities and hygienic public places. Even at night, the streets are safe, but do exercise common sense with your camera gear. With island-wide 4G network and wifi coverage, Singapore also boasts one of the world’s fastest Internet speeds. Procuring a SIM card for your mobile devices is definitely recommended in order to make the best use of Singapore’s extensive network coverage.

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Jon Chiang

Jon Chiang is a Singapore-based award-winning cityscape, architecture and landscape photographer. Born and raised in Singapore, Jon is no stranger to the densely-populated country’s myriad of skyscrapers and iconic public housing, and strives to capture Singapore’s unique rapid-changing urban landscape in the best light.