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Vancouver is known to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a very popular tourist destination. Geographically Vancouver is surrounded by tall sweeping coastal mountains and sandy beaches with sparkling water that one can swim in. Vancouver is bordered not only by beautiful suburbs but also natural temperate rainforests which makes it very easy to get out into nature. You can be downtown in the city and then 30 minutes later you can be skiing at one of three ski resorts above the city, or out on the water kayaking.


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Vancouver is home to North America’s third largest urban park Stanley park which has 27km of trails and 400 hectares of rainforest. Enjoy cycling or walking the 8.8km world famous seawall which surrounds Stanley Park, visit the aquarium, or check out the rose gardens.


Vancouver is generally a safe city but you do need to be careful when you have your photographic equipment out in some areas of the city. If you plan on shooting at night, it is best to keep equipment to a minimum and be modest with it. It’s always nice to shoot with a friend so that you have two sets of eyes on your equipment. This advice especially pertains to the area between Gastown and Chinatown.

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