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In this guide you’ll find the top hand picked spots for getting the most out of your visit. Vienna provides historical and modern architecture, cultural buildings and wonderful parks. This guide is a must have for every serious photographer visiting Vienna.


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As a tourist visiting a large city there is never enough time to see everything. When time is a limiting factor I would recommend focusing on these areas: The Prater, a unique area with lots of opportunities; the Museum-Parliament-Volksgarten-Heldenplatz area, as you have a lot of spots within walking distance; and Schoenbrunn Castle with its vast gardens.


The best way to travel in Vienna is by metro or tram. Or rent a bike from more than 120 bike stations (see links below for more information). Vienna is one of the safest cities in the world and you can photograph everywhere with confidence, day and night, but apply usual common sense when out with your camera gear. Many of the places offer free wifi and there is also free public wifi :

The Best Photo Locations In Vienna

We show you where, when and how to get the very best travel photos in Vienna.


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Rainer Mirau

Professional photographer based close to Vienna. Spending time in natural surroundings regularly is not just recreation and inspiration for me, but is a necessity in order to lead a balanced life. For me, nature photography is the ideal occupation, as I can thus live out my creativity, grapple with technology and in the process, still experience beautiful moments in nature as well.