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Explore 18 top locations and 58 images. This free guide to Zagreb, capital of Croatia, has been created by Luka Esenko, co-founder of Snapp Guides and author of further guides to Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro. To discover more of the Adriatic region and explore further photography spots, download his free Adriatic to Alps Highlights SNAPP Guide. 

Zagreb is a bustling modern city and the capital of Croatia. Although many people only ever visit Zagreb en route to Croatia’s coast, it is certainly worth spending a night or two in this city. Zagreb can be photographically rewarding and is easy to get around. Most of the photography spots are to be found in the lower and upper town and within easy walking distance . The only exception is Mirogoj cemetery, which is well worth the extra effort required to visit it.


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Allow at least two nights to get a good feel for the city. Pick one of the small hotels or private apartments between the main train station and the Upper Town. This is worthwhile  as you can cover the whole old town on foot. Photograph St Mark’s square at blue hour; even if it’s very busy during the day, most tourists will leave when the sun sets. You might be lucky enough to see a wedding there. The “Three Spires” spot is great for the afternoon light and sunset, with great clouds can be nice for sunrise too. One of my favourite spots is Mirogoj cemetery; you will need to take a taxi there. Make sure you spend enough time there to find and focus on interesting details.



Zagreb is a safe destination for travel. You can photograph everywhere with confidence, by day and night, but apply usual common sense when out with your camera gear. Croatia uses standard European two-pin plugs at 220V. The three major mobile network providers are Hrvatski Telekom (biggest, owned by T-Mobile), Vipnet and Tele2, 4G is common. Zagreb airport has just been expanded but it still is relatively small and convenient. Every year there are more connections from all around the world. You should find it easy to get a good connection, especially in summer when Croatia is most visited.


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